Crew Changes

GMC Shipping is the leading agency on Crew changes within Indian Ocean.

We are able to assist ship owners with a wide range of services related to crew changes. Our office offers a speedy, flexible, efficient and operative crew change service with highly competitive costs. We collect the crew members from/to airport assisting them safely on board and when is necessary we also arrange suitable hotel accommodation according to requirements. Booking reservations and personal assistance activities are executed by the agency.

We are undertake to clear all On and Off signing crew at our local immigration office, and for which we need in advance all personal details (Name, Surname, Date and Place of Birth, Passport number and expiry date) along with the full voyage itinerary.

COVID Environnement

Since day one, we have set up a full procedure to ensure the safest environnement for our customers and their crew. From dedicated mode of transport to priority Access to Laboratories providing PCR test, we will ensure the crew changes are done simingless.

Our Locations

Highly strategic within the COVID period where change is the daily norm, We are located across the region to be able to adapt to any sudden change in regulations or airlines.

Our main hub is currently Reunion island which allows direct flight to/from Europe and clear process to/from ships.